Since Marin was diagnosed with CP when she was born, I have been fairly apprehensive about what her diagnosis meant for her ability to participate in all the things that non-CP kids can do.  She came home from the hospital and has been an incredibly hard working girl over the past three years, going each to physical, occupational, horse and swim therapy weekly.  She's made amazing progress in gaining strength and is starting to walk with aid of her walker over the past year.  I couldn't be prouder of her efforts.  Whenever Marin is able to get from Point A to Point B or do some other difficult task on her own she usually yells out with glee "I did it!"  I have tremendous joy when she says that. After watching what the Walking with KPeasey team has been accomplishing with their races, it inspired me to help Marin "go fast." I will continue to hope that as the years go by, Marin will continue to grow stronger in her abilities so she one day may be able to race solo with us...however until that day, it will be my honor to race with her and be her legs so she gets to go fast and see that she too can be an athlete.

-Greg Smith, Marin's father

That smile stayed all day!

 This is why we see children like Jake and Marin have an opportunity to be the athletes!  Running and triathlons are great in that there is no discrimination.  Marin, Jake, Kyle and the 1,400 other runners all went through the same course and their bodies had to work to finish the day.  I am honored to be a part of this all and look forward to the next adventure!

Jake's Team for the Day (Mom Amy on photo right)

The Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5k is an exciting race as it winds throughout the neighborhood where I live. The "hometown" race was made even more exciting this year with the additions of Marin and Jake to the KPeasey team. Being able to run alongside these two incredible racers really brought home the KPF mission for me. I could sense the joy and excitement from both Marin and Jake every second of the race!
Our crew for the day!!

Sadly Evan's mustache did not make an appearance on the start line
To see Jake and Marin smile during the race is what I envisioned when starting the KPF.  It just simply can't be put into words.  I cannot wait for the next adventure so be sure to stay tuned for more summer fun!

KPeasey and Co. before the start

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