Camp Blaze is an amazing place, with an incredible purpose. To see so many disabled athletes from different backgrounds interacting and enjoying a variety of sports together really puts a smile on my face. It's like they don't even notice their disabilities and they were just out there to compete. I really look forward to seeing what the Kyle Pease foundation will do with Camp Blaze and the athletes who attend in the future. 
-Sam Harrison
Friend, Board Member
Kyle delivering his speech  

First of all, I would like to thank the entire KPF team and all of the KPF board members for this awesome opportunity to work with Camp Blaze. Camp Blaze is a phenomenal organization (check out their video), and I couldn't be more proud of our involvement with a great group of athletes. One of the goals of The Kyle Pease Foundation is to support programs that are in line with our mission, which is to provide opportunities for disabled persons. Camp Blaze brings this together for so many! 
I am not what you would call a fisherman...

Being able to provide camp programs to those in need was extremely special and I was even more honored to speak with everyone at the closing ceremonies. It is incredibly important for the Kyle Pease Foundation to take a role in supporting these amazing athletes. 
Camp Blaze
We have an exciting few weeks coming up with a fundraiser from Brent's old summer swim team, another triathlon. We are continuing to search for new athletes so if you know of anyone you think would be a great candidate for the KPF, please email us. Thanks as always for the continued support!