It has been quite a few weeks since we have kicked off our 2012 season in Helen, GA. It was a memorable day as we had a good buddy of mine push me in a 5K since Brent was getting ready for an 18K race.  I was going to do the 18k with Brent after, but a hail storm made me think I had better stay warm for a long race season.
You can't see me shaking but man was it cold in the hail and rain!
My good buddy, Jason Horrell, pushed me in the jogger in the downpour and hail to the point that I could not even see. But guess what? We kept on going! It was amazing to get back out there and I do not regret feeling like a wet duck after the race. All I remember was I kept telling Jason to, "Go, go, go" and we did it in under 35 minutes! Incredible! It's always fun to be able to share Walking With KPeasey with those important to me and glad my buddy Jason was not the only one soaking wet after.  Brent was up next for the 18k and of course not a drop of rain on him...guess some people have it easy :)
As we continue to grow we want to do as many races as possible.  Honestly, if I could, I would race every weekend.  It is great getting out there and pushing what I previously had considered my "limits."  This past weekend Brent asked if I wanted to do a 10k as a nice warm up since we hadn't raced together yet this year.  So we laced up my new Newton Mv2's and hit the pavement.  Brent wanted to do the first mile a little quicker to get some space and boy did we fly those first few miles.  We ended up with a PR for KPeasey and had a great time getting our "race legs" under us.
Think these things are easy? Look at my face as we sprint to the finish
We are extremely please to welcome Newton Running to our family this season. And while we might not beat everyone, we will look good doing it with some natural running from Sir Issac!

Just as exciting,  Advanced Elements joined as a sponsor to provide our boating needs as well as future equipment for our growing foundation.
Thanks for the care package!!
 We are very excited to have Newton and Advanced Elements on board and are looking forward to a big long year of racing. Speaking of long racing, we have also signed up for our first Half Ironman 70.3 Race in New Orleans this April 22, 2012!!! Heyooooooo!!!

Thanks for all the support as always. Stay tuned for our next post with some exciting news about the foundation!


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