Hello KPeasey Blog Nation. My name is Paul McNulty and my wife Abbey is a cousin of the Pease's. We live in Delaware and don't get to see Kyle and the rest of the family as much as we would like to, but we are in contact almost daily. Kyle asked if I would mind writing a Blog entry for him and I let him know I would be honored to do it. Kyle wanted me to write about our newborn son and my training for the 1/2 marathon I will be doing with Kyle and Brent in VA Beach, Labor Day Weekend. I told him I would write about that but I also felt compelled to write a few words about Kyle Pease. Kyle never ceases to amaze me with his ambition and drive. Kyle is the main reason I have been training extra hard for our 1/2 marathon together in September.

Check me out training in the KPeasey shirt!

When there are days I don't have the motivation to put in the extra mile or two or the extra set in the gym, I look at that Blue Bracelet on my wrist and use Kyle for inspiration to keep on going. Kyle has made such an impact in our life that my wife Abbey and I named our son after him.

My son Kyle, and yes he rocks his KPeasey blue too!!

Kyle McNulty will meet Kyle Pease for the first time in VA Beach and that is going to be a great day. It is truly special when one person can much such a positive impact on the lives of numerous people - including strangers. Each and everyone of us should use Kyle's (along with his entire family and support staff) amazing accomplishments as motivation for ourselves when we think we cannot do something or think we should not put the full effort in. Let's go VA Beach!! Until then, Keep on Keeping on!!

-Paul McNulty

The McNulty Family with son Kyle and our KPeasey Bracelets!