Where are they now? What else have they done?
The bike is ready, the jogger works but what about that boat?
Last weekend we decided to give the boat a whirl, so we headed north towards Canton to meet up with our good buddy JD. He had a quiet spot picked out where no one could bother with what we were doing and we could just practice.

Once Kyle was comfortable we tied the boat to my waist and gave it a whirl. All the bucket training had paid off and the boat glided on top of the water with relative ease.

Good thing because we have to go nearly a mile in that boat!

That isn't where it stops though. I still need some of that functional strength to push that new bike of ours on the course in May. The best location to do this? How about up north in Dahlonega, Ga for a GAPS training weekend. What are the gaps you say? See the definition posted by our friend Haley Chura on her blog.

The gaps will only add to the training we have done and make the bike portion of the race more manageable come race day.
Of course without Kyle for this session we made sure to rock the KPeasey blue everywhere we went!

Especially at the top of a tough climb!

So with just over two weeks we have plans for one more big training weekend and then we get ready for the dance!
As always thanks for the continued support and see you all in Florida.