Good morning blogger nation. In a few minutes I will introduce you to one of my staff Hartford. But i heard a song, and its very inspiring to me. Its called Wavin Flag. By khanan. One of my new favorite artist that Sam and I saw a few weeks ago. It speaks to me and it says you can beat me up, you can beat me down, but my flag is still waving. Its an incredible song and the official song of the 2010 world cup. Yes John David, I know what the world cup is. So be a waving flag today. And keep on waving in a positive atmosphere. Life is a gift. Love it. In some other events in team Kpeasey, we are going canoeing in late May. And then we're going to....
Its that time again to introduce you to one of my staff. Hartford Beasley Campbell, the quiet giant.
Q. How did you meet Kyle?
I met kyle on a slow Sunday afternoon in late July. Jk. I met kyle about six months ago when my girlfriend Rachel saw an ad in downtown decatur. Before I knew it she had dialed kyle and the phone was in my hand. Call it fate or call it con incidence, but that was the beginning. Rachel is now my fiance and kyle and I are now good friends.
Q. What is the greatest time you ever had with Kyle?
Wow. Kind of a tough question because we've had so many, but uh. I'd have to say the family gatherings and hockey games are in a close first, plus all the other wild spontaneous shit we do. It's all usually a great time. Of course theres ebbs and flows, but that comes with being human.
Q. How would you describe Kyle's family?
Hmmm. With words? are you kidding? haha No. Kyle's family is one of a kind. Priceless, for lack of better words. Even though I know they're not for sell. Dick is classy and hilarious, Janis is practical and kind. The bro's are steady like rocks as far as I can tell. Add kyle and you've got one hell of a family.
Q. Who all have you met with Kyle?
Well, besides loads of people I'll never remember we did get to meet the voice of the Hawks, so that was pretty cool. We've met lots of Kyle's friends over the time we've been together. That's mainly it as far as I can tell.
Q. What have you learned from Kyle?
Well, I've learned humility, appreciation, and gratitude, which are all closely related. All the same family so to speak. Another thing I've learned from kyle is to have fun. There's a time to dance so to speak. To laugh and have a good time. There's also a time to be serious and concentrate. Kyle does a good job of balancing these two things out real well. Lots of people don't these days, including me sometimes, so this was good to learn.