Here we go,

Q. How did you meet Kyle?
A.In mid November of 2008 I received an email from my mother that was for a position as a caretaker for someone with Cerebral Palsy. At this point in my life I was living in my own apartment and had worked for a variety of restaurants in Decatur, GA. I was starting to get fed up with the same old thing everyday so I decided to give it a shot. I called the number on the advertisement and on the other end of the line was the sweet woman I now know as Janis Pease. I called at 12:00, came in for an interview at 2:00 and had the job by 3:00. I'm glad the family liked me because I may have seemed cool and collected on the outside, but I was very nervous. Meeting Kyle for the first time was amazing.

Q. What is the greatest time you ever had with Kyle?
A. I would have to say the greatest time for me was going up to Delaware with Kyle and another co-worker, Amy, to visit a couple of Kyle's relatives. Every part about the trip was incredible! From the food, to the family, to the beach surf fun we all had, the trip was as memorable as it could be.

Q. How would you describe Kyle's family?
A. Man! from the first time I met them I felt like they were the kind of people that I could really get along with. They were understanding, kind, compassionate, and new exactly what they needed for Kyle when it comes to workers. I absolutely love his family. Dick and Janis are two of the coolest down to earth people I've met in a long time and Brent, Kyle, and Evan are exciting in each one's own way (and they all still appreciate bathroom humor as much as I do). The whole family has become my second family.

Q. Who all have you met with Kyle?
A. Ummmmm...lemme think, Dave Francour (Jeff's Dad), Matt Ryan, Jason Smith, Cornell West, and a multitude of others that I won't bore you with because there really are just too many.

Q. What would you say is going to be your next adventure with Kyle?
A. Right now, I think Kyle, our friend Allie, and myself are trying to go to San Diego, CA to visit our good friends and former workers, Suzanne and Kate. Suzanne has just started her Physical Therapy rounds in various hospitals and will be in San Diego during the summer. Kate is from Cali so we'll be on her turf for the duration of the time we are there.

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