excuse me for not posting in quite a while... it's been a bit busy in the land of K Peasey! we just had our first event, Bowling with K Peasey, which took place sunday, oct 18 at fun time bowling in atlanta. it was quite a fun night! after a lot of hard work and planning, it definitely more than paid off. the proceeds from the event went to Reaching for the Stars, a foundation that supports cerebral palsy research. we raised over $2,100 for Reaching for the Stars! for my first event, i am very proud of myself. we have learned from a few mistakes and will improve in these areas. t-shirts and K Peasey bracelets were passed out at the event also, and we had over 75 people come out to bowl! i would like to thank the entire K Peasey staff for their efforts in making this a success.

it is football season now, so i am glued to the falcons. so far, so good.

please check out www.kylepease.org soon for event photos and video!