Kate and I went into the Apple store in Lenox because I needed to get a new iPod. As I wheeled in, a large figure to the left caught my eye. I looked over and, lo and behold, I recognized this figure to be a player in the NBA. I wheeled over and said "what up"! After talking to him for a moment regarding their chances at heading to the finals, Kate and I went over to the iPod section and picked out my new Nano. Kate approached the sales associate and said we'd like to purchase an orange Nano. He told us to hold on while he grabbed one for us. A few minutes later, he walked up and said, "That gentleman over there would like to purchase your iPod for you" and he pointed at the NBA player! I wheeled on over and assured him that it was not necessary, but he insisted. I was floored beyond belief. Being the huge sports fan that I am, anyone who knows me can imagine my extreme elation. It was so refreshing to know that there are kind and generous athletes out there who aren't completely preoccupied with buying fancy cars and bling. He really touched my life in a huge way and I will never forget that.

Peasey peace!

p.s. Have fun in China, Amy!

Editor note: Kathleen typed this for me.