All in all January has been a pretty solid month for me. Two fantastic jobs, a couple of new nice fellas giving me a hand. (Staff members) I really have been to trying to keep myself upbeat and positive about things that are going on around me. There have been bumps along the way. I have to use a phrase from coach Smith of the Atlanta Falcons. "Its a process" and yes just like the Falcons, I find myself in a process. Getting comfortable with who I am and being OK with my disability. Oh yeah living with my parents again. This process is ongoing and sometimes can be a battle at times. I have to remember that I am a good guy and I need to be proud of that.

Oh yea, I'm tring my best to drink more water and fluids. so, if you see me ask me how much water I drank for the day.

Hugs and Hands pounds.