(Just FYI thats my actual bottle. We just had to find a good image.)

Without being too graphic, which Ill try not to be. I had to take a pee with the newly promoted and self proclaimed sex symbol Daniel Quigley who is in fact typing for me. He did an outstanding job, for those of you who have taken me to the bathroom, you know how hard it was your first time. His biggest challenge was no with the urinal, or my private area. It was with my beloved knee seperator. He couldn't get it down, and I had to pee really bad, which meant he came dangerously close to getting pee'd on. Which would not be a good idea, especially with the fact that I am getting ready to move. But worry not, everything came out, and none of it got Daniel. But when he was putting back on the seatbelt, he gave me the rodeo, as I had forgotten to turn off my chair, and he kept hitting my joystick. Don't get the wrong idea lol. Also the Braves play the Giants tonight. Ill update about the campus on my previous post. Its the still the same, the doors don't open, they are still inefficent, and Im threating to talk to the head of plant operations for Kennesaw State. Anyone who may wanna join the K-Peasey Revolution should go ahead and hop on the k-dawg train. Cuz we movin. Until the next time.....Hugs and Hand Pounds.

Kyle Pease

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