From the Naked Eye, people think that most buildings and public areas are handicap accessible. A lot of them are for the most part. However when someone rolls with K-Peasey people notice that they are not nearly as accessible as they seem. For example: Just a few minutes me and my boy Daniel, where leaving class and I like to be as independant as possible, such as opening doors for myself, however this time I was unable too. For starters there was a garabage can in front of the opening switch. Just for your visualization the door in question is a double door that leads to a small area with another set of double doors that lead you to the outside.. The only switch is on the left wall...and it opens the right side door and keeps the left side ones closed. What if Daniel wasn't there? I would have found a way but it would have taken a long time, and I probably would have to relay on strangers. Also the doors are very narrow, I do not have much room to navigate my chair through the door. Now onto the next issue with accessibility at KSU. The convocation center didn't even have a handicap accesible switch until I came on campus. But guess who fixed that one. You got it, the man the myth and the legend K-peasey ;) So all Im saying is that people who build these buildings, need to take handicapped people into consideration. That means more than just making the doors, and the buttons. But making them with logic, and reality in mind. One last point, if you see a person that needs help. Help them, were not going to bite. So until next time, stay up and open the door from the naked eye.

Kyle "K-Peasey" Pease

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